July 4th Farm Update

Leffler Family Farms’ July 4th Farm Update

 Around the farm….
We had been lucky this season by dodging all the severe weather that seems to come out of nowhere–up until a few weeks ago.  We withstood our first moderate hail storm on the afternoon of Sunday, June 22nd.  There was a total of 0.8 inches of rain on top of the hail which basically wiped out our leafy crops, especially the lettuce and spinach.  Other crops with established roots like the potatoes, beets and most of the transplants were hit hard but will easily make it and continue to grow.  Some of the seedlings were affected the most, mainly due to soil conditions after such a heavy rain/hail.  The ground literally tightens up and bakes in the sun after a downpour, which makes it tough for small seedlings (they break at the base of the stem) and for seeds that have not yet emerged to break through the newly formed “crust.”   The cucumbers, melons, and some squash seedlings will be replanted along with the second planting of carrots and beets.
With a little clean-up and TLC we nursed our greens back and thought we would be able to harvest.  Then the second round of hail came through 5 days later on the afternoon of Friday, June 27.  This time the hail was larger, some ping pong size but mainly marble sized, but not as intense.  The storm dumped 1.75 inches of rain in 20 minutes or so which caused some flooding in our yard.  Fortunately, we were on the edge of the major hail which hit really hard just a mile north of us.  Our greens were wiped out again but everything else looked pretty good for getting kicked around in the wind, hail and hard rain!
So here we are a week later, on Independence Day, and on the road to recovery again.  The timing is not the greatest with your CSA share starting this coming week, but we are still giving it our all.  As long as the weather holds, we should have for you in this week’s share mixed baby lettuce bunches, spinach bunches, baby scallions,  baby beets, popcorn and pinto beans.  The squash is right around the corner too!
All in all, I would say not too bad, we have seen worse.  Every year, every farm in Colorado gets hailed whether it be a lot or a little.  We are just hoping that we have taken our turn and will be good to go the rest of the season.  This next month is going to be hot and everything will be growing fast!  Here’s to the sun shining and the skies staying blue!
Salad green prep
This week you will receive both spinach and lettuce in bunches.  The best way to take care of your greens is to start breaking them down and wash them as soon as possible.  You will need:  kitchen sheers/sharp knife, largest bowl in your kitchen, salad spinner, and cold water.  For the mixed lettuce greens, I use our kitchen sheers to cut the leaves about an inch above the base of the stem.  Let the loose leaves soak in really cold water for up to 20 minutes.  I usually drain and rinse several times throughout the soaking.  Soaking your greens is the best way to remove any dirt or bugs.  Spin dry and store in a plastic baggie in the crisper and your greens will last a really long time!   Do the same with your spinach, only be more careful when cutting the leaves as to not keep much stem.  We have been mixing the lettuce and spinach  together and eating it with a simple homemade Asian salad dressing.  Pretty amazing!
Homemade Asian Salad Dressing
This dressing lasts for a long time in the fridge so do not hesitate to make a the full recipe.
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp. sesame oil
2 tbsp. sesame seeds
1 bunch of baby scallions from your share this upcoming week
2 cloves of garlic
crushed red pepper (optional)
Dissolve sugar in soy sauce by putting it an a Mason jar and shaking vigorously.  Finely chop scallions and finely mince the garlic cloves (we use our zester on the garlic cloves to make a paste).  Add scallions, garlic and remainder of ingredients to the jar and keep on shaking!  Lightly drizzle over your salad greens and enjoy!
Farm Photo Tour
Popcorn field starting to grow!!
Sweet corn bounces back fast from hail when at this stage in development.
Zephyr Summer Squash with some hail damage.
Edamame defoliated after hail.  Notice the crust that formed from heavy rain.
Onions pre-hail
Onions day after hail
Onions 1 week after hail
First Pick-up
The first day of pick up is next week!!   The week of July 6th.  Below are the different dates based upon pick up location.  Separate communication will be sent detailing the address, contacts/host specifics and other relevant information for each location.
Old South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market – Sunday July 6th from 9-1pm.

All Basil Doc’s Pizza locations – Wednesday July 9th from 4-7pm.

University of Denver – Wednesday July 9th from 4-7pm.

Evergreen Neighborhood/ 2 locations – Wednesday July 9th from 4-7pm.

Golden Neighborhood – Wednesday July 9th from 4-7pm.
On Farm Pick Up  – Thursday July 10th from 4-7pm.


 Please let us know if you have any questions.
 Happy 4th of July!
Anthony and Sarah
Leffler Family Farms
Local Motion CSA
(f) 970-454-3588
Leffler Family Farms

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