July 1 Farm Update

Leffler Family Farms’ Weekly Update, July 1st
At Market
Lots of beets (red, pink and golden with a few white ones in the mix), beautiful basil, baby loose-leaf and bunched spinach, baby loose-leaf gourmet lettuce and mixed radishes are available at farmer’s market.
Come on Out!
We would love the opportunity to show you around, and in some cases meet you for the first time!  Let us know if you would like to come out to the farm and see what’s growing.  The next couple weeks would be a good time to visit if you are interested. Or just stop by on Thursday July 11th from 4-7.  We will be hanging out at the big silver shed in the yard here (which is just a short walk away from the field, and where there is some shade).  We’re thinking about firing up the grill to make some veggie snacks to share.  Roasted beets anyone…?
June Weather
If there is one thing farmers love to talk about, it’s the weather!  We feel incredibly fortunate to have made it through the month of June virtually hail free.  We did just skirt several major thunderstorms a couple of days ago and have been getting a few crazy afternoon showers.  The forecast has more of the same weather expected for the next few days, so we are not yet in the clear.  Not everyone in our area has been so lucky, and we know first-hand how devastating early summer thunderstorms can be.  We have truly been blessed this season!
Picture Tour
Huxley between peas (maybe the latest peas ever??) and baby gourmet lettuce mix.
pretty pea flowers
fava bean flowers
 Napa Cabbage in the Asian Greens test plot.  Looks good!  Now to grow lots more for MMLocal to use in their very delicious Kim chi.
A little mud never hurt anything, right?
Tomatoes are getting bigger, with lots of little green ones on the plants.
Beets on the left and center with the last row just barely sprouted and tomatoes interplanted with lettuce on the right.  More beets just planted and watered in on the top right.  This picture is a great illustration of how our beets are grown successively.  Continual planting (about every two weeks) allows for season long availability of these delicious beauties!
Local Motion CSA News…
Veggie Snacks on the Farm
Thursday July 11th from 4-7 (which is the on-farm CSA pick up window) Anthony, Huxley and myself will be hanging out in the yard grilling and distributing CSA shares.  Come have a snack, say “hi” and check out the field!  If you would like to pick up your share on Thursday afternoon instead of your regular time and place this week (July 5-11), just let us know and we’ll arrange for you to do so.  There’s a map for directions under the “About Us” section of our website: http://www.lefflerfarms.com/about-us/  or just give us a call and we’ll tell you how to get here.
Peak Season Starting Soon
Peak Season starts soon!  The week of July 28-August 3 will be the first pick up day for Peak Season members.  Mark your calendar!
Flower Share Update
The flowers are looking great, and happen to be some of the finest specimens out there!  The sunflowers have been the fastest growing plant in the entire plot and the glads are a stand-out as well.  I harvested the first few Zinnia flowers last night, and they are beautiful!  Flower shares will begin the week of August 11-17 and go every other week through the week of September 22-28.
Our Family is Growing
We are a few weeks away from welcoming a new member to our family.  For a couple weeks, from July 24th through mid-August I will be on maternity leave and communications will be somewhat limited during this time.  We will still be sending out a weekly update and will be checking email periodically, but if there is anything you need immediate assistance with during this time, please don’t hesitate to give Anthony a call.  And please also remember that your “host” is available to help too.
Happy 4th of July!
Anthony and Sarah
Leffler Family Farms
Local Motion CSA
(f) 970-454-3588
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